Hole In The Wall

The “Hole in the Wall”, later called the Grotto was one of the first saloons in Wisconsin Dells. The small, roadside saloon was established in a small shallow cave around 1866, shortly after the completion of the Mirror Lake Dam. Business continued in the tiny cave until closing for good in the mid-1960s. Today the graffiti filled nook is still every bit the watering hole, only now bored teens have to bring their own.

It's still possible to see where the stone was cut to accommodate the original saloon's facade.

Every community has these interesting little bits of history going to seed somewhere out the in the periphery of our modern world. Old train stations, stone trestles, mills, dams and steel bridges slowly fall back into the earth around us.  Some should just be taken down while others should be preserved, but the fact is most simply go ignored.  Hard to say what we could do with the old “Hole in the Wall”, but considering its location within the boundaries of a county park, maybe it could be just a little bit more than a place for fisherman and teens to get out of the rain.

Historic photo and verbiage posted at Timme's Mill County Park.

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