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baraboo-train-station-cardThe Baraboo train station as it was.

There is nothing more amazing to me than the passing of time captured on a bit of old card. I’ve always found old post cards fascinating. I wonder at the power of a photograph back when photographs were not so common. When one oddly colored, low resolution image could arrive in the mail and capture the imagination for days on end.  A time when people take time to contemplate every detail and grasp for just a sense of what it would be like to be right there, inside that image.

Today old post cards, especially those that feature local landscapes, tell us about change.  We can compare the spot down through time. We can judge ourselves and our communities.  Have we improved things since then or have we just made a mess of it?  The answers are almost always as interesting as they are complex.

barabootrainstation2009The Baraboo train station as it is.

The post card above features the old Baraboo Train Station located on the south side of town.  (Yes, we do have a “South Side” and an “Across the tracks”..)  This railway station in it’s day roared with the bustle of daily life. At that time the rail ruled the world.  Today, the rail is simply doing well to be maintained or converted to bike paths.  The Baraboo railway station  is simply a shell of it’s former self used as a warehouse.  The windows are blocked up. All the finery and woodwork have long be tossed out or rotted away.  Personally I always felt we would be wise to renovate the old beast and turn it into restaurants and shops, something many more visionary communities around the state and around the country have done with great results.  There’s always hope!

Here are a few more historic area postcards from Baraboo & Devil’s Lake State Park.  Enjoy.

See More Pictures of  the Historic Baraboo Railway Station on our Flickr. Click here.

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