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Community on Facebook

Baraboo Education Political Facebook Page
Every day, people from around the world are gathering to share their lives, ideas and even their politics on Facebook.  Smaller communities are not being left out of the conversation either, although sometimes you have to look a bit harder to find them. Here in Baraboo, the local library and city police department have had a presence on Facebook for some time. You’ll also find a smattering of local businesses as well.  It should be no surprise that were also seeing local political action groups discovering the power of social media. “Taxpayers for Baraboo Public Schools is just one of many local groups to take advantage of blogging, Facebook and other social media channels to gather with folks of like minds and promote their points of view. You can visit their Facebook page here,  True-Boo’s Facebook page.  With each passing day it’s becoming apparent that folks NOT taking advantage of social media are risking being left out of the conversation.

Of course, Skillet Creek has our own Facebook Page.  We’d love to have you join us! Just don’t expect much in the way of politics though.  (Well, not too much anyway!)

Protests Reach Wisconsin Dells

By 9am this morning between 100 and 150 protesters had already gathered on the sidewalks leading to Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells where the annual Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism is being held.  Protesters are speaking out against the Republican Governor’s stance on collective bargaining for unions, proposed changes in Wisconsin’s environmental laws and more.  Protesters tell us that there are plans for a larger gathering tomorrow evening when the Governor’s Dinner and Awards Celebration is held beginning with the pre-reception at 5:30 pm and into the night.  Law enforcement was visible but light.  The only press on scene at the time was WKNOW Channel 27 from Madison, WI.

We have published more pictures from today’s protest here | Pop-Up Slide Show Here & short raw video on YouTube here.

Parks & Unions

Commentary – If you asked anyone close to the park system, they would tell you Wisconsin state parks are vastly underfunded today. It’s not surprising that parks are low on any governments priority scale of course. So how are they managing? Well, for one thing parks & national resource jobs draw in people who care about what they are doing. Often they put in a lot of personal time to get things done. In addition, some Wisconsin state parks are becoming  more and more dependent on their Friends groups. These non-profit, volunteer organizations have been taking over a growing amount of the work that the under staffed parks simply can’t manage. In some cases the Friends Orgs have even helped fund staffing. Many issues such as control of invasive plants within the parks are little more than quixotic tasks for the warriors of lost causes.  There’s not enough money or enough feet on the ground. This in part, is why what’s going on in Madison, Wisconsin right now is important to everyone who enjoys our natural areas. Even if we prefer to stay out of politics and keep to the woods. Read the rest of this entry »

7 Questions With Paul Hefty

With local elections less than a month away now, it’s about time we kick in with the last in our series of interviews with Sauk County Sheriff candidates.  You will remember that on the republican side Chip Meister won the primary and is now facing off against democratic candidate Paul Hefty.  Today we’re talking to Paul.  Remember, the rules for our “7 Questions” interviews are simple.  Interviews are conducted by a simple 7 question email and candidates are allowed to answer in as much or as little detail as they wish.  We publish their responses with very little editing and then only for obvious typos. Our goal is to avoid all the normal political talking points and get something “real”.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  So with that said, here’s our interview with Paul Hefty, democratic candidate for Sauk County Sheriff….  Read the rest of this entry »

All Bugs, No Apples

Bug on an Apple

Opinion – There’s a reason our little journal is not focused on local news & politics. Most of the time what’s going on politically in a smaller community comes down to class warfare, nepotism and a bunch of kids wrestling in the school yard.  It’s no wonder you can’t find sane people to run for local politics.  Take the Baraboo school board for instance.

Now I won’t bother naming names.  Members of the board seem to have the name calling covered. It’s enough to say that team A is mad at Team B,  and a select few can’t seem to manage to act with the decorum of the kids they have been elected to look after.  What’s worse, our local paper is making hay by allowing the kids to bicker through the columns of the opinion pages, which of course is now open to the world thanks to the .. ah, “world wide web”.  Now everyone with half an interest can laugh at the goings on of this little rural tempest in a tea pot.

Are the issues valid? Sure.  It’s all about money.  Money of course is always the issue.  Thing is, at some point responsible people  have to settle the money issues and move on to the issues of life.  Do the budget, then serve the kids.  Thing is, we never seem to get out of phase 1.  The kids in charge can’t seem to stop fighting over the budget, and it all turns into a nasty public  WWF match in the paper.  It’s become a joke.

Here’s my suggestion. Clean house.  When the government or even a school board cannot do the people’s business because they simply are too partisan or stubborn to communicate or compromise, it’s time for the whole lot to go.  Let me be clear, I am not saying some members are not doing a good job or acting with good faith, even the ones in the middle of these little hissy-fits have valid points.  What I am saying however, is that as a group they are becoming an embarrassment to the community and doing a disservice to us and setting a bad example for our kids.  As a community we need to clean house. As for the local paper, they need to cut ‘em off from the opinion pages until such time as they can start acting like members of the school board, not the school yard.

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