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Community on Facebook

Baraboo Education Political Facebook Page
Every day, people from around the world are gathering to share their lives, ideas and even their politics on Facebook.  Smaller communities are not being left out of the conversation either, although sometimes you have to look a bit harder to find them. Here in Baraboo, the local library and city police department have had a presence on Facebook for some time. You’ll also find a smattering of local businesses as well.  It should be no surprise that were also seeing local political action groups discovering the power of social media. “Taxpayers for Baraboo Public Schools is just one of many local groups to take advantage of blogging, Facebook and other social media channels to gather with folks of like minds and promote their points of view. You can visit their Facebook page here,  True-Boo’s Facebook page.  With each passing day it’s becoming apparent that folks NOT taking advantage of social media are risking being left out of the conversation.

Of course, Skillet Creek has our own Facebook Page.  We’d love to have you join us! Just don’t expect much in the way of politics though.  (Well, not too much anyway!)

Twitter, Not Just What’s For Dinner?


When I started my business here in Baraboo in 1996 I saw a lot of funny faces when I mentioned words like “Internet” and “Website”.  Back then, especially in smaller communities where even dial-up access was sketchy,  the internet was often thought of as some weird thing that only geeks and oddballs would use.  Certainly no self-respecting business would spend money on a website or what’s worse, advertise on a website!! Yeah, we know where those days went.   Today you would be hard pressed to find a business without a website, especially in a tourism heavy market like ours we we need to reach out to visitors hundreds of miles away.  Funny thing though, these days as I mention Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin or some other social media, I’m often greeted by that same reaction that mention of the internet brought 1996.  For some reason there are those who seem to think “Twitter” is where people without friends post about what they ate for dinner!

In truth people use social media in many ways. (Millions of people, I might add.) They keep in contact with their friends and family. They stay up to date with news and events. They gather information before buying a product or reserving a hotel.  They meet new people, make business connections, find jobs and more.  News outlets put headlines, weather alerts and school closings on Twitter. Schools post the day’s lunch menus. Companies run sales promotions and post Facebook-only coupons. Reporters follow Twitter to figure out what to write about!!! It goes on and on.  Meanwhile of course for every one business who sees a reason to get “social”, there are a hundred more who say of their potential customers, “They’ll call if they want to talk to us.”  Really?

I just read a smart blog post by Brian Solis called, “the Socialization of Small Business“. It’s a must read for anyone who owns a business.  There’s a great quote in there, ” If a conversation takes place online and you’re not there to hear it, did it actually happen?” Of course it did…and it continues – with or without you.”

To keep abreast of what’s going on in the Sauk County area, especially when it comes to community, tourism and outdoor recreation I invite you to visit us on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and more.. Just search “SkilletCreek” or use those buttons on the top right side of this page. :)

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